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Newborn Baby


"Rebecca is the calm, kind, empathetic mom/sister/friend-like presence you need for your pregnancy and birth. She helped me feel prepared, seen and heard at every stage." -Shauna & Ben

"Rebecca was extremely helpful, but maybe more importantly, she helped me with things I didn't even know to ask for." -Kristina G.

Rebecca was an amazing presence for my pregnancy and labor.  She was kind, attentive and curious about what our wishes were during our pre-natal visits and was integral in helping both my husband and I prepare for the birth. 

-Terra & Jon

Rebecca was amazing! We could not have labored naturally without her, and I attribute my ability to labor naturally in large part to her excellent care. She went above & beyond everything we could have (and did) ask for! We would use her services again in a heartbeat for future deliveries! She truly was a God-send. She is ever-attentive, kind, professional, hilarious, and when everything hits the fan, she is calm and grounding. Thank you so much, Rebecca!

-Gracie T. & Micah T.

"During labor & delivery she helped keep us in the moment & provided breaks for my husband when he needed them. She also never made my husband feel like he wasn’t an active part of the process which was important for us, and the two of them made a great team."  -Codi & Seth R.

"I feel so incredibly close to a person I’ve seen less but than 10 times in my life and I can’t imagine my birth without her. Even her postpartum support was awesome - I never felt judged about how my house looked, she visited, provided me a recap/timeline of my birth, let me eat my dinner while it was hot, and helped me troubleshoot some baby wearing questions I had. Hands down if I have another baby, Rebecca will be by my side!" -Amanda & Jon H.

            "Rebecca provided excellent support during labor and                      delivery. Her continuous support, both emotionally as well as physically with counterpressure and massage, greatly contributed to my positive birth experience. Because of Rebecca's support, I was able to have the natural unmedicated birth I desired." "Rebecca is extremely kind,        gentle, supportive, and genuinely cares about her clients. I                            highly recommend her to anyone considering a doula!"

                                      -Jessica C. & josh K.

"I could focus and relax with her by my side. I had a 28-hour delivery and Rebecca was by my side from the beginning until the end. She is so patient, loving and encouraging, always concerned about my needs and what made me feel better. My husband was so grateful we had Rebecca during such an important moment in our lives."   -Isbelia & Kevin h.

"Rebecca was wonderful. She was kind and warm and great with both my newborn and 1.5 year old. One of the best things about her is the way she anticipates what needs to be done and does it. When you’re a new mom you just need someone to come in and help without having to explain and ask. She does a great job of that. She’s encouraging and responsive even when she’s not at the house working. My 1.5 year old had so much fun with her."  -Maria & Mike C.

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